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Educational blog from Parkside Dental Dr. Jason Larsen and Dr. Jean Larsen have created this informative blog to help educate the community.
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Who is a Candidate for Dental Check-up?

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
Dental check-ups are very integral for your oral health. During routine check-ups, professional teeth cleaning is done, and the dentist can also identify any oral issues early enough. You should ensure you visit your professional dentist at least once in six months. During dental visits, health...

Why Do We Suggest Waiting a Half An Hour After Eating to Brush?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
There are three known ways to keep your teeth healthy. The first is to ensure you brush at least once or two times a day. The other is to floss on a daily basis in order to get rid of the food substances in between your teeth. The third, and of equal importance, is to ensure that you see a dentist...

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