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Are Root Canals Really Painful?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its roots.Root canals do not sound like something anyone would want to have done. Many think they have a poor reputation. Instead, root canals should be called tooth savers because they represent the last act a dentist can perform to save a tooth. Here is some information you need to know about root canals, aftercare, and how dentists can make root canals as pain-free as possible.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals are usually performed on a tooth that has been infected with tooth decay. Once a cavity begins, if it is not filled and repaired, it will begin to eat away at the enamel that protects your tooth. Eventually, the cavity will eat into the center of your tooth, which is soft and filled with nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. When the center of your tooth gets infected, you may experience serious pain and swelling.

In a root canal, the dentist will make an incision on the top of your tooth. Dentists can then remove the infection and fill the space in the center of your tooth with antibiotics and a large filling. Most dentists will then place a crown over the filled tooth to cover and protect it.

Root Canal Pain

Many people are concerned with the pain associated with root canals. However, in most cases, root canals relieve the pain of your infected tooth. If you are concerned with your level of pain during a root canal, it is always a good idea to meet with a dentist ahead of time to discuss your concerns about pain.

In most cases, your pain can be controlled with ice and medication. You may also want to restrict your diet to soft, room-temperature foods for a few days. Your doctor may also prescribe pain medication if your infection is severe. The most important thing you can do for your teeth is to make sure you are getting regular checkups. That way, a dentist can find and fix cavities before they become a problem.

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