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Can Brushing Your Teeth Help With Tooth Pain?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Parkside Dental
male patient holding his hand up to his face and grimacing with painToothaches can cause the most irritating kind of pain. They are also known to come at the worst time, sometimes at night when you have no way of getting pain relievers. If you have tooth pain and you have no way of getting pain-relieving medicine, brushing your teeth can come in handy.

Why Brushing Your Teeth Will Help With Tooth Pain

The first step in finding immediate and effective relief for persistent tooth pain, especially when you have no pain medication at hand, is thorough brushing. This simple act leaves your mouth clean by removing food debris and dental plaque. You can also use an interdental cleaner to remove food particles that tend to get lodged between your teeth.

Reducing the Progression of Tooth Pain at Home

Use Mild Antiseptic Solution

One way to halt the progression of tooth pain is to rinse the affected area using a mild antiseptic solution. When bacteria get inside the tooth through a cavity or crack, the tooth gets infected and swells. The antiseptic solution, prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of table salt in 8 ounces of warm water, gets inside the tooth and kills the bacteria, which then reduces the swelling and pressure that causes the pain. The most regular antiseptic you can find is table salt.

Sensitivity Toothpaste

Tooth sensitivity is sometimes the cause of tooth pain. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste made for sensitive teeth can relieve tooth pain. Sensitivity toothpaste works by forming a protective layer over the exposed dentin, reducing the transmission of pain signals to the nerve.

Apply Ice Pack

A cold compress can also help you relieve pain when you are at home and have no access to pain medication. Apply an ice pack outside your mouth, over the area where you are feeling pain. The ice pack can reduce any swelling, which reduces the pressure that previously caused pain. It is important to note that a cold compress is most effective for acute pain or swelling and should not be used as a long-term solution.

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