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Should You Consider A Night Guard?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Evan
Should You Consider A Night Guard?Do you experience severe headaches or painful jaws when you wake up? Chances are, you grind your teeth at night. This condition mostly results from stress, teeth misalignment, and sleep apnea. The worst part about teeth grinding is that you may not know you are doing it. In this case, it may be challenging to stop this habit, but you can control it using a night guard. A night guard is a thin device that covers the biting surfaces of the teeth to prevent enamel loss. Here are 3 reasons to consider a night guard.

Prevent Teeth Damage

Teeth grinding can cause teeth breakage and enamel loss. It can also damage dental filling, leading to teeth sensitivity. As a result, you may not stand hot and cold foods and beverages. In addition, enamel loss makes your teeth susceptible to decay, which can cause infections if left untreated. A custom night guard will prevent these oral concerns. It ensures that the upper and lower teeth do not come into contact when sleeping. This prevents dental damage, saving you from costly dental repairs.

Reduce Jaw Pain and Tension

Temporomandibular joint disorder is another reason to consider a night guard. This condition occurs when the muscles around the jaw become tight and sore. In most cases, it results from the pressure of teeth grinding, which affects the ligaments, muscles, and nerves around the jaws. A night guard fits comfortably into the mouth, reducing stress on your jaw muscles and joints.

Improves Your Sleeping Patterns

Chronic headaches are symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism). Constant grinding causes tension in the jaws, head, and ears. This is among the reasons why many people wake up in the wee hours with severe headaches. Fortunately, a night guard will allow the muscles to relax, giving you a feeling of relief. With this, you will have a peaceful sleep. Do you suspect that you might be suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding)? Contact us today and put an end to this harmful habit before it damages your oral health.

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