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What Are the Three Types of Cavities?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Row of five toy teeth, all smiling except for the middle tooth which frowns because of cavitiesJust as you have different kinds of teeth, you have different kinds of cavities. Cavities can cause all kinds of damage to your teeth and surrounding bone. It is important that you understand which type of cavities you are prone to so that you can make sure you are caring for your teeth in the best way possible.

The Difference Between Cavities and Caries

Dental caries represent the very beginning of a cavity. These caries happen when bacterial acid begins to eat away at your tooth enamel. Once the bacterial acid reaches your dentin - which is the next layer of your tooth next to your tooth enamel - your dental caries become cavities.

Smooth-Surface Cavities

If you have a smooth-surface cavity, your cavity is located on your tooth enamel but not on a biting surface. These cavities can be the most difficult to catch because they may not be easy to locate and may not cause any pain. This is one reason why dental appointments are so important: so that our dentist can find and fix the cavities before they become very serious.

Pit and Fissure Cavity

People with pit and fissure cavities develop a cavity on the biting surface of their teeth. This type of cavity is most common on premolars and molars, but it can be found on the biting surfaces of any tooth. Because they are on the biting surface of a tooth, pit and fissure cavities can become painful as they grow.

Root Cavity

Root cavities can become very serious very quickly because of their location. They are located underneath the gumline at the tooth root. Because they are found in the root, they have the potential to cause a major infection. If they are not treated, the tooth could die, or the jawbone could become infected.

If you are concerned about your mouth or cavities, we will be happy to have one of our dentists take a thorough look at your mouth and diagnose any cavities you may have. Why not give us a call today and let us make an appointment for you to talk to our dentists?

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